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Hello dinosaur lovers! You're in the right place to find out a bit more about some of the dinosaurs that appear on the colour & learn dinosaur pillowcase.

eatsleepdoodle dinosaur pillowcase

So what's the story?

A modern-day group of scientists and their families have crash-landed on a lost island inhabited by fantastic dinosaurs and treacherous swamps!

In this prehistoric vista full of fun and fascinating detail, you can colour and name the dinosaurs, make up your own adventure story and then read on to find out more about these amazing dinosaurs!


dinosaur timeline

plateosaurus doodle dinosaur

elasmosaurus doodle dinosaur

pteranodon doodle dinosaur

acrocanthosaurus doodle dinosaur

brachiosaurus doodle dinosaur

aardonyx doodle dinosaur

oviraptor doodle dinosaur

stegosaurus doodle dinosaur

parasaurolophus doodle dinosaur

stegosaurus doodle dinosaur

T Rex doodle dinosaur


dimetrodon doodle dinosaur

doodle dinosaurs

doodle dinosaurs