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Our Eco Policy

Preserving and conserving our planet matters, which is why we’re constantly working on ways to make our gifts and all our operational practices ever more sustainable.

At eatsleepdoodle, our aim is to create high quality, long-lasting gifts of integrity – educational, creative and stimulating - that can be used and enjoyed again and again! Creating products that are designed to be used multiple times prevents excessive production – reducing our carbon footprint, use of materials and more.

Everything we use to make our gifts is carefully and sustainably sourced; we’ve taken great care in finding environmentally responsible partners with the best practices - one of our fair-trade factories, for example, is entirely solar-powered.

All our textile gifts are made from natural 100% cotton, which is completely biodegradable, and all our gifts are 100% vegan. Our pencil cases have recyclable linings and We’ve also made the move to exclusively recyclable product packaging. In-house we recycle all the paper, plastic and cardboard that we use in both office materials and incoming office supply packaging. We know that you’ll also want to help ensure that no waste ends up in landfill, so find out below how to recycle every part of your eatsleepdoodle gift, to help ensure the most sustainable lifespan for your eatsleepdoodle gift.  

How to recycle eatsleepdoodle gifts

All of our product packaging and non-textile gifts, such as send-a-smile cards and activity paper can be recycled at home with your council’s kerbside recycling scheme. 

For our textiles, because their high quality gives them a long lifecycle, when you’re ready to move on from your eatsleepdoodle gift you might like to consider donating it to an organisation, charity, children’s hospital or shelter where someone else can enjoy it. Otherwise, you can use this link to find your nearest textile recycling point, usually found in supermarkets, large car parks or recycling centres.

Thanks to Terracycle’s Writing Instruments Recycling Programme, you can recycle all things stationery from printers to paper and especially PENS! at convenient drop off spots dotted around the country. Our nearest spot is the local Salisbury Rymans, where we recycle all of our eatsleepdoodle and office pens. You can find your nearest spot with this link and just look out for the special cardboard deposit box (pictured below)! If you want to know more about how Terracyle recycle pens, you can read about it here.

recycling terracycle pens

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on +44 7464 262969 or at

Thanks so much for reading and thank you for recycling!